AussieVelo Routes

AussieVelo cycle touring routes are of two  types - National and Regional.

NATIONAL cycle touring routes:

  • have significant distance in more than one State or Territory
  • are over 1,000km long
  • provide connectivity between capital cities
  • provide a choice of experience for the touring cyclist
  • are numbered AV1 through AV9

There are currently nine AussieVelo  national cycle touring routes (AV1 to AV9) in planning. These routes  will provide over 38,000km of informed cycle touring routes, and  together form a network of cycle touring connecting capital cities and  places of significance and interest.

These routes are in first draft form, and  comment is sought from interested persons to better delineate the  routes, and potentially suggest additional National routes. A guide to  National route requirements is provide on the 'Routes' page. Details of each route will be published on the web site dedicated to the cyclist: as they are developed. 

REGIONAL cycle touring routes:

  • are generally contained within one State or Territory
  • provide connectivity between National routes
  • provide links to specific attractions and experiences
  • are numbered AV20 through AV99

AussieVelo regional cycle touring routes will be developed as the national routes develop, and need is determined.

A first taste of how the routes may be presented is available at for sections 4c to 4e of AussieVelo route 4, Sydney to Adelaide via Broken Hill

Route Descriptions

  • classified as easy / moderate / difficult depending on terrain, climate, road/trail surface, distance between services 
  • general and averaged over each section  
  • sections on maps will show surface type, sealed, gravel, track  
  • a fourth type of route 'extreme' will be considered for adventure type routes, such as sections of AV6 (Brisbane to Perth across 'The Centre').