About AussieVelo

Nufenen Pass, Switzerland

Having toured New Zealand and solo-toured Europe on my trusty Vivente  World Randonneur, see photo, I came to love bicycle touring and the ease  that information was available for the novice touring cyclist in  Europe. 


Now back home in Australia, I  found there is information available, but it is so disparate and difficult to bring together, and generally just accounts of people's rides. All good stuff but, difficult to work through if you don't know  the country and particularly if you don't know the language.

So, I started a company - AussieVelo  - with the main aim of improving the provision of information  for touring cyclists looking for information on bicycle  touring throughout Australia. 

Otago Rail Trail, New Zealand



  • provide a connected and informed network of long-distance bicycle touring routes
  • provide a central source of information for users of the touring routes and for businesses along the touring routes
  • provide opportunity for rural communities to diversify business and cultural development
  • provide a safe and enjoyable bicycle touring experience for all users